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Fruit and Berry Bushes











American Plum Grape (cont.)
Fragrant white flowers followed by red fruit.  Thrives with neglect.  Height 10-12'  Spread 6-8'.  Good for altitudes between 8000 and 8500 feet. Fredonia - Black
   Himrod - Greenish-white, seedless
Blackberry, Black Satin Interlaken - Golden-yellow, seedless
Semi-sweet berries produced in late summer.  Height 5-6'  Spread 4' Niagra - Green-gold
   Valiant - Blue
Blueberry, Himalayan Hansen Bush Cherry
Reddish brown flowers.  Purple-black fruit.  Height 1-2'  Spread 1-2' Sweet purple-black fruit.  Good for preserves.  Height 5-6'  Spread 5-6'
Boysenberry, Thornless Raspberry
 Delicious large reddish-black fruit Black Satin - Large black fruit
Boulder - Dark red fruit
Choke Cherry, Green Boyne - Tender red fruit
Native with white flowers followed by red to black fruit.  Height 15-20'  Spread 8-10' Canby Red - Dark red berries
  Cumberland - Blue-black fruit
Currant, Red Lake Fall Gold - Ever bearing, golden yellow
Clusters of red berries.  Good for jams and jellies.  Height 5-6'  Spread 4-5' Heritage - Red ever bearing
   Indian Summer - Rapid growing
Currant, Yellow Flowering Lathum - Red large fruit
Yellow flowers in spring followed by purple fruit.  Height 5-6'  Spread 4-5' Williamette - Large dark red fruit
Gooseberry, Pixwell Rhubarb
Green berries blacken when ripe.  Height 4-5'  Spread 4-5' Long stemmed red variety.  Excellent for pies and sauce.
Grape Strawberry
Beta - Blue-black  Ft. Laramie -- Large and sweet ever bearing fruit.
Candice - Red seedless   
Catawba - Purplish-red  
Concord - Blue-black  
Edelweiss - Greenish-white