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Ornamental Grasses



Ornamental Grass



Maiden Grasses

Big Bluestem Adagio Silver Grass
Arching green foliage turning bronze in the fall.  Bronze flower spikes shaped like a turkey foot.  Height 5-6'  Spread 4-6' Compact, clump with slender silvery foliage.  Flower plumes emerge pink in summer, changing to silvery-white.  Tolerates poor soil.  Height 4'
Blue Avena/Blue Oat Autumn Light Silver Grass
Slender bluish-gray tuft like blades with buff colored seed spikes.  Height 2-3'  Spread 18-24" Compact graceful clump.  Green foliage and showy white flower heads in September.  Height 9'
Blue Lyme Grass Cabaret Japanese Silver Grass
Fast spreading ground cover with powder blue broad blades and oat like seed heads.  Height 24-36"  Spread 24" - 6' Clumps of rich green blades with milky white stripes.  Copper colored plumes appear above foliage.  Early fall aging to creamy stems blushed pink.  Height 6-7'  Spread 3-4'
Blue Sedge Grass Dwarf Maiden Grass
Silvery blue blade.  Height 6" Compact showy clumps topped by silvery-white early blooms.  Golden bronze foliage in fall.  Fast growing.  Miniature form of Maiden.  Height 3-4'  Spread 3'
Blue Switch Grass Dwarf Zebra Grass
Stiff metallic blue foliage in upright clumps turns yellow in fall.  Height 3-3.5' Spread 30" Arching green blades with horizontal stripped golden bands.  Pinkish copper flower plumes in late summer.  Taller than foliage and clumping.  Height 8'  Spread 4'
Dwarf Fountain Grass Flame Grass (Purple Maiden)
Clumping perennial grass.  White flower bloom in late summer.  Height 1-2'  Spread 12-18" Purple-tinged green blades with pink midrib that turns reddish-orange in fall.  Mauve feathery plumes rise 2' above foliage.  Compact, upright clumps.  Height 3'  Spread 3-4'
Dwarf Sedge - Feather Top Little Nicky Grass
Green and white variegated blades.  Height 4-6" Dwarf compact form of Zebra grass.  Green and yellow banded foliage with white flower heads in late summer.  Height 3-4'  Spread 3-5'
 Feather Reed Grass 'Karl Foerster' Maiden Grass
Evergreen grass with pinkish, feathery blooms in spring, drying to a golden yellow.  Height 18-24" Fine textured silver-green blades turn golden bronze after first frost.  Delicate silvery-white plumes are taller than blades.  Moderate grower.  Height 6-8'  Spread 3-5'
Fescue Morning Light Maiden Grass
Green to silver-blue foliage.  Blooms May to June.  Height 8-12"  Spread 8-12" Green blades with white margins and mid-veins giving a silver shimmering effect.  Delicate reddish-bronze plumes in late summer.  Height 5'  Spread 2'
Fountain Grass Variegated Japanese Silver Grass
Dark green blades with fluffy buff colored plumes arching above foliage.  Height 2-3'  Spread 12' Arching blades with silvery-white plumes.  Dark green blades with creamy white strip.  Height 6'  Spread 3-5'
Fox Red Curly Sedge Zebra Grass
Reddish-bronze tufted grass with curled blade tips.  Tan spikes in summer.  Height 2'  Spread 2-3' Distinctive horizontal bands of yellow-gold banding, which doesn't always show until early summer.  Pinkish-copper flowers in September.  Height 6-8'
 Sarabande Grass
  givingFine textured leaf with green inflorescence, turns golden copper.  Height 4-6'  Spread 3-4'
Hardy Pampas/Plume/Ravenna Grass
Fast grower.  Clumping foliage with gorgeous fall coloring.  2' long silvery-white lily plumes.  Height 8-10'
Japanese Blood Grass
Blood red blades.  Height 2'  Spread 10-12"
Japanese Silver Grass Variegated
Vase-shaped grass.  Blades have creamy striped white plumes in fall.  Height 5'  Spread 1'
Little Bluestem
Kentucky native prairie grass.  Blue-green clumps of foliage with intense cinnamon red fall and winter color.  Fluffy silver-white seed stalks.  Height 24-36"  Spread 12-24"
Little Bunny Fountain Grass
Smallest of the fountain grasses.  Flower spikes are white, turning tan in late summer.  Height 10-12"  Spread 10-12"
Northern Sea Oats
Bronze-green foliage with flattened flower spikes.  Copper foliage in fall.  Height 24"  Spread 24-36"
Plume Grass
Gray-green foliage with clumping habit.  White plumes in late summer.  Height 9-12'  Spread 3-5'
Purple Fountain Grass
Reddish-brown coloring with red flower spikes on 4' stalks late summer into fall.  Height 2-4'  Spread 2-3'
Oat Grass
Intense blue color.  Height 24-35"  Spread 12"
Quaking Grass
Dense tufts of erect blue-green blades.  Pendant heart-shaped purple-green florets in summer.  Height 24-35"  Spread 12"
Sturdy clumps with neat upright habit.  Long lasting, graceful, airy flowers.  Brilliant orange-red fall color which lasts throughout the winter.  Height 3-4'
Ribbon Grass
Blue-green leaves striped with white.  Height 12-15"  Spread 3-4'
Switch Grass
Green foliage turning tan to bronze in fall.  Buff to purple flower in summer.  Height 3-5'  Spread 3-4'
Tufted Hair Grass
Graceful evergreen mounds of dark green blades with stalks of nodding dense tufts of silvery flowers.  Height 4'
Variegated Japanese Sedge
Thick blades with green edges and white center.  Height 1'  Spread 1'
Variegated Moor Grass
Green and white variegated blades.  Flower spikes in late summer which fade to brown.  Height 12-18"