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Asparagus Peppers Squash Tomatoes
Anaheim -- Dark green to red.  Medium thick walls 7 x 1.75.  77 to 80 days.  Moderately hot.  Used for Chili Rellenos. Butternut -- Light tan color.  Fruit 10 - 12".  Semi-bush.  High yielding.  80 days. Better Boy -- Bright red, globe shaped fruit weighs 6 ounces or more.  Indeterminate.  75 days.
Cucumbers Bell -- Dark green to red.  Thick walls 4.25 x 3.5.  Popular home garden hybrid.  72 days. Crook Neck -- Bright yellow.  Crook neck.  5 - 6" long.  50 days. Big Beef -- Very smooth and round.  Crack resistant.  9 - 12 ounce fruit.  Very attractive and flavorful.  Disease resistant.  Produces all season.  73 days.
Sweet Success -- Productive.  Disease resistant and tasty.  Produces seedless fruit in the absence of pollination.  Slender thin-skinned 14" slicers. Garden Salsa Express Hybrid -- Attractive medium dark green speckled fruit.  Long and straight.  Plants have a very open habit.  Fewer spines than most, for easier picking. First Lady -- Red, medium sized fruit.  Crack resistant.  Indeterminate.  Disease resistant.  It is an improved early girl.  6 ounces.  52 days.
Burpless Jalapeno -- All of the flavor of the standard jalapenos, but not as hot.  Plant and fruit size are slightly larger than early jalapeno.  70 days. Golden Summer Husky Series -- Red, unique dwarf indeterminate tomato series bred specifically for home gardens.  Stout, thick-stemmed plants with dark green rugose foliage.  Plant grow to 4' tall and are easily supported by a small stake or cage.  Unlike other dwarfs, husky tomatoes mature early.  Good size fruit (5-7 ounces) with real tomato flavor and produces all season long.
Red Beauty -- Red, ripe bell peppers are not only sweeter, but also have a higher vitamin C content than their earlier green counterparts.  Ripens earlier.  Produce thick walled 4 x 3.5, and 4-lobed.  68 days for green and 82 days for red. Pasta Juliet
Pumpkins Red Hot Chili Spacemiser -- Out-yields most other zucchini varieties, while occupying 1/3 less space.  Open bush habit makes it easier to pick.  Medium dark green fruit can be picked very early as gourmet "baby" squash or left to reach typical size in just 50 days. Patio
Happy Jack -- Perfect for Halloween.  These bright orange, 10 pounders look great carved with a spooky or happy face.  Save a few for Thanksgiving pie too.  100 days. Sweet Banana -- Light yellow to orange.  Medium thin walls 6 x 1.5.  Very productive.  65 to 70 days. Spineless Beauty -- Spinless stems, 7.5 x 1.5, mean minimal fruit damage when you harvest.  Outstanding yields of uniform, cylindrical, medium-dark green fruit set early in the season on an open plant to maintain their glossy appearance.  50 days. Sweet Millions -- Exceptionally sweet 1" red cherry tomatoes borne in long clusters on indeterminate plants.  Sweet 100 improved with crack and disease resistance.  70 days.
Spookie -- Small sugar/pie type with rounder, less flattened fruit.  Medium orange pumpkins average 6" in diameter and 6 pounds each.  Ideal "child" size. Table Ace -- Black-green.  5 - 6" acorn shape.  Semi-bush plant.  Excellent quality and yield.  70 days. Viva Italia -- Earlier, more productive and higher quality than roma types.  Plant habit is more compact and also resists bacterial speck.  The best variety for canning.  Excellent fresh.  76 days.