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Caring For Cut Christmas Trees

  • Make a one inch fresh cut on the bottom of the trunk.  This will cut off the layer of sap the tree used to heal its wound when cut down and allow it to soak up water from the stand.
  • After your tree is cut you have twenty minutes to get it in water or the tree could seal itself and not be able to soak up any water.
  • Make it a point to top off the stand with water once or twice daily.  The first 24-48 hours is when most trees soak up the most water.
  • If the water in the stand dries out, depending on how long it has been without water, the tree could seal itself up and again not soak up any more water and could dry out.
  • Place your tree in a cooler part of the house not by a heat register, fireplace, or in front of a sunny window