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Apricot Descriptions

Chinese Appricot

  • Prunus armeniaca cvs.
  • Smooth golden color
  • Fruit very tasty
  • Self fertile

Moongold Apricot

  • Prunus Moongold
  • Sweet flavor, slightly acidic
  • Requires cross pollinator
  • Blooms 3rd week in April, ripens in July
  • Semi dwarf

Moorpark Apricot

  • Prunus armeniaca cus.
  • Self fertile
  • Mild, sweet flavor
  • Good for canning and fresh eating
  • Semi dwarf

Scout Apricot

  • Prunus Scout
  • Blooms early May, ripens in August
  • Good for canning and jam
  • Fair for fresh eating
  • Semi dwarf

Sungold Apricot

  • Prunus Sungold
  • Flavor is mild and sweet
  • Very good for jams
  • Blooms 3rd week of April, ripens in August
  • Height X'
  • Spread X'